Men’s Wet Shave Set

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A wet shave is a good shave. This three-piece set has everything you need to treat yourself to the art of wet shaving – a shave brush, a vegan shave bar, and a soap lift to make it last longer!


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A good shave can make you feel like a new person! Coco Loco is made with coconut milk to leave your skin extra soft and moisturized, and scented with an essential oil blend of vetiver, cedarwood and clove – rich and warm!

What is a Backyard Bees Wet Shave Set?

Backyard Bees shave bars are plant based; no animal fats are used. This set includes 2 pieces.

  • Coco Loco is a semi-soft bar where you can pinch a small piece off to use in your shave vessel whether it be a shave bowl, mug, or other container, and keep the rest of your bar dry to extend its life.
  • A round white Soap Lift is included in your set. The soap lift helps to keep your bar dry when not in use, and also can be used at the bottom of a bowl to help prevent the soap from slipping.
  • A boars hair bristle shave brush is included in your purchase. The shave brush is used to create a lather, and to apply the lather to your face.

Can you Buy a Vegan Wet Shave Set?

Our vegan shave bar, COCO LOCO is also available with this set. Made with organic coconut milk in place of goat milk, and scented with cedarwood, vetiver and clove essential oils.

Wake Up Call is here…our sweetest wet shave bar, made with goats milk and scented with orange and almond. Waking up never felt so good! Our vegan shave bar, COCO LOCO, is also an option in this set.

If you need a shave bowl, we’ve got some gorgeous handmade ones just for you!

Just pick one!

Weight6.5 oz
Dimensions5 × 3 × 1.25 in

Coco Loco (vegan), Wake Up Call

1 review for Men’s Wet Shave Set

  1. Avatar of Marjory Roth

    Marjory Roth (verified owner)

    These are my father, step day, husband and father in laws favorite. This is all they use now.

    • Avatar of Queen Bee

      Queen Bee

      So happy to hear! Thank you for introducing them to Backyard Bees!

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