Valentines Day – 4 inexpensive ideas for your sweethearts

Happy Valentines Day Honey
Valentines Day is a sweet day for bee lovers. Here are a few ways to celebrate this national day of love…without buying a dozen roses or a box of chocolates.

Valentine’s Day was never one of my favorite holidays. In elementary school, it was torture! You absolutely had to write a Valentine to everyone in your class; boys included! I didn’t feel much better about the holiday years later, when my twin boys were in elementary school and, you guessed it…”we” had to write a Valentine for every single in kid in EACH of their classes.

But somewhere…when the boys were bigger…when they joyfully attacked (yes, attacked! It was a MESS!) a Valentines Day project for their grandparents? I began to appreciate the holiday as a time to be sweet to someone special – not necessarily a romantic someone special, but none-the-less, a time to make a gesture towards someone who we loved fiercely.

Valentine’s Day is for Beekeepers

valentines day painting
Cupid the Honey Thief (1514, Albrecht Durer

As the Queen Bee, of course I love St. Valentine and his story –his kind and gentle heart gave him the title of the patron saint of beekeepers in 496 A.D. According to the legend, the Roman emperor believed that men made better soldiers when they were single; he forbid them from being married. Of course, in the Catholic religion marriage is one of the sacred sacraments, so St. Valentine married those soldiers anyway! He was executed for his crimes, so you can make your own “take-away message” from his story.

Cupid  is another Valentine’s Day superstar in the beekeeping world. He is the son of Venus, the goddess of love. I’m sure you know a shot of Cupid’s golden arrows would bring true love to the recipient. But did you know that he supposedly dipped his arrows in honey?

This Renaissance painting by Albrecht Durer Cup shows Baby Cupid angry at the bees, who sting him when he tries steal their honey. His mom (Venus) laughs at him and says: “Are you not just like the bee – so little yet able to inflict such painful wounds?”  I love this story; bees are truly very strong!

Definition of Love

The 1971 R&B hit by The Peruser’s states “It’s a Fine Line Between Love and Hate.” The lyrics imply that the opposite of love is not hate, but indifference. Let’s not bee indifferent and go with Wikipeida’s definition of love which states “Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states.” Here are a few ways to celebrate this national day of love…without buying a dozen roses and a box of chocolates.

4 ways to Bee Sweet on Valentines Day

  1. Bee Silly: make someone smile. If you do a quick search, you’ll find tons of punny Valentines day greetings that you can download for free. You can be waste free and send a surprise e-mail or text too. We found quite a few interesting ones on!
  2. Bee Symbolic: red roses symbolize true love. But did you know carrots are also symbolic of passion? And that German Thyme is symbolic of protection against danger? Skip the bouquet and get a packet of art seeds as a Valentine surprise. Check out our Cut Flower Garden selections.
  3. Bee Curious Together: gift a new experience. The Sea Cliff Arts Council  is a local gem that offers amazing workshops from drawing to journaling to music. Most communities have a local venue that offers similar opportunities to bee curious. Maybe The Pansy Project will bring you some joy with someone. Create memories and special bonds.
  4. Bee Creative: how can you show appreciation to someone in your life? St. Valentine cared for bees and lovers. Can you think of some way to make a caregiver a teacher, or a senior member of your community feel loved on Valentines Day? Make them something from the heart (a handmade Valentine, a box of cookies, a homemade casserole) or maybe a small jar of local honey? Can you volunteer somewhere for a day?

BONUS IDEA #5 Bee Romantic

Seriously, a sweet charcuterie plate built with love is classic. Key ingredients: cheese, fruit, nuts, and honey drizzled over it all…maybe some chunks of bread. Maybe some wine. Maybe some bee-r. 😊 A Firewood Soy Taxonomy Candle can set the mood, along with a little mood music.


Valentines Day can bee whatever you want it to bee. Focus on the positive. Look to make it fun, silly, happy, or romantic. It’s up to you to bee you.

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