Body Polish: “Southern Sexy”

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Oooh-wee! The Queen LOVES her Southern Sexy Body Polish! If there was only one jar left, there would be some trouble between the men, the women, and the Queen!


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What makes the Backyard Bees body polish so special?

All the ingredients in our Southern Sexy Body Polish are ground up very fine. We use extra fine Dead Sea Salt, ground hops from upstate NY, and brewers grains from Bright Eyes Brewery in Long Beach. They do the exfoliating work of the body polish.

The dry ingredients are mixed with a mixture of natural skin loving plant oils, including olive oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil. Then, we add some Backyard Bees Honey, a natural moisturizer and humectant.

The finished product is the consistency of wet sand – the sand near the ocean’s edge. It’s thick and makes that noise when you rub it between your fingers…but it doesn’t scratch or hurt you. It smells like Southern Sexy freshness…patchouli and lime.  YUMM!

A body polish leaves your skin glowing from head to toe. There are various ways to apply it (including asking someone else to help you). Our favorite way is to apply at the end of a shower, when your skin warm and primed to take it all in.

How to Use Southern Sexy at the End of a Shower:

Turn off the water and apply a small bit of Southern Sexy at a time by using your fingers and rubbing in an overlapping circular pattern until your whole body has been treated. It is safe for your face too.

Be sure to rinse off any of the grains on your skin. Pat your self dry (don’t towel yourself too roughly).

You will look and feel so good you will want to “lather, rinse, and repeat”. But don’t.  A once a week body polish is all you need!

For a more traditional body scrub you might enjoy our Coffee Calendula Face and Body ScrubCharcoal Face Scrub or our Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub.


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    melinda b. (verified owner)

    Love love love this!!!!!

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      Queen Bee

      Thank you so much! We love Southern Sexy too!

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