soap for men: MOUNTAIN MAN

TIMBER! Mountain Man is a soap for men (or women) who love the smells of the forest! It works well as a beard shampoo as well!



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Soap for Men

Let’s bee clear about one thing. Soap for men is made with men in mind, but honestly, they are loved by women too!

What’s a Mountain Man?

You already have a picture in your mind, don’t you? We define a “mountain man” simply as someone who loves to bee outside in nature. He (or she) probably likes to camp or hike, they own a pair of work boots, and they know how to wield an axe!

It’s OK. You can still be a mountain man if you have a different picture in your head!

Mountain Man Scent

Do you love the smell of the forest? A shower or bath with this best selling bar for men will transport you to the forest with it’s delicious blend of cedarwood, cypress and fir needle essential oils.

In general, women are more sensitive to scents. They may find this body soap for men to be a bit to strong for them.

Multi-Use Soap For Men

Nutrient rich oils (including hemp oil and shea butter) and Backyard Bees honey make this a mountain man’s favorite bar. it is a great soap to take on a camping trip – it can work as a moisturizing shampoo bar as well. 

Zesty is another multi-use soap for men; it can similarly function as a shampoo bar.

Hardworking hands (whether it be setting up a campsite, chopping woods, or working in construction) appreciate an exfoliating bar soap for men. Dirty Hands, a coffee scrub soap made with soothing hemp oil and scented with lime.

Soap for men with Dry Skin

There are a lot of causes of dry skin. For example, as men and women age, their skin becomes drier.

Mountain Man is a great body bar for men with dry skin. It is one of the best natural soaps for men with naturally occuring glycerin to seal in moisture.

To Use Mountain Man as a body soap for men:

Lather, rinse and repeat. Keep dry in between uses and out of the direct path of water for the longest use. We recommend pairing with a Soap Lift or a Sisal Soap Saver Bag

Backyard Bees Mountain Man Ingredients:

olive oil; distilled water; coconut oil; castor oil; sodium hydroxide; hemp seed oil; shea butter; Backyard Bees Honey; essential oils of cedarwood, cypress, and fir needle

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