Soap for Guys: Amazing RED TED beer soap

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This soap for guys is a bit complicated with a long list of ingredients. That’s ok. They deserve RED TED, inspired by a red ale by Bright Eye Beer Co.


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Soap for Guys?

Well. Not really. Guys, girls, men, women…you can all love this unique bar of RED TED. We did make it with men in mind though, using a red ale from Bright Eye Beer Company to create a rustic, funky, big bar of delicious smelling, cleansing soap!


Sometimes we don’t know where to start. RED TED is absolutely cleansing, moisturizing, bubbly and oh! – the fresh and spicy scent of rosemary, black spruce, pine, peppermint and a dash of lemon?

[sigh out loud}

If you know the Queen beer, you know she appreciates a good brew made from great hops. AND she loves experimenting with natural colors, like the natural color of a red ale…

Enter Bright Eye Beer Company to the Saturday farmers market at Crossroads Farm in Malverne.

The Queen saw Red Ted sparkling in the summer sunlight (with some sweet sweat down the side of the glass). It was love on many levels at first sight!

The truth is Red Ted is a smooth natural red ale and it is really delicious.

But the Queen has fun…she drinks half the can (or shares it with friends) and uses the rest of the ale to color this bee-u-t-full soap.

And it IS bee-u-t-full!

Another “manly” soap (that woman love) is Green Tea and Turmeric. There’s no beer in it though…just green tea and lots of other great ingredients!


Grab a bar or two of our natural beer soaps – check out naturally scented  STOUTFULL – and wrap up with a gift certificate to your favorite local brewery. Make it an adventure and visit a new one.

A visit to a thrift shop or garage sale often yields some fun beer mug or steins to make the gift presentation special and bee-u-t-full!


Bright Eye Beer Co Red Ted ale, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, sodium hydroxide, sunflower oil, castor oil, shea butter, Backyard Bees honey, essential oils of rosemary, black spruce, fir needle, lemon and peppermint; madder root powder, rose clay

Weight3.7 oz
Dimensions3.5 × 3 × 1 in

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