GET OUTSIDE DUO: Safe mosquito repellent and bug bite relief

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Bee happy in the backyard with our safe mosquito repellent set! A perfect hostess gift for a backyard bar-b-Q!


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BEE OUTSIDE! Everyone likes to enjoy their backyard and bee-u-t-full weather…until mosquito season comes along!

This little drawstring bag has everything in you need to bee comfortable outside, enjoying nature’s wonders. You may also need our essential poison ivy soap if you’ll bee camping and spending lots of time outdoors this summer.

This set is also part of a money saving bundle; learn more about it over here.

A safe mosquito repellent and more

Each GET OUTSIDE DUO is packaged in a reusable drawstring storage bag. Inside the bag, you will find:

  1. BUZZ OFF spray bottle of our natural and safe mosquito repellent. It is deet-free and works great!
  2. Lavender Bug Bite Relief Stick to take away any itchiness. Kids LOVE applying this to any little boo-boo.

How to Use BUZZ OFF safe mosquito repellent

Remember, mosquito repellent is best used when applied BEFORE you go outside. 

Shake the bottle to disperse the essential oils. Spray a mist on your head and arms; add a spritz to you ankles and knees if they are exposed. 

As with many natural products, a little goes a long way.

Backyard Bees BUZZ OFF is a deet-free and safe mosquito repellent to use on children. 

How to Use a Lavender Bug Bite Relief Stick

Open the cap and rub a little of the lavender stick on the affected area. That’s it. Reapply as necessary.

The Queen finds that keeping the stick near her bed helps her sleep better at night. Did you ever notice how those little bites and rashes get  itchy in the middle of the night?

The lavender bug bite stick also seems to give relief to the rashes caused by poison ivy. (We also have a poison ivy soap made with sweet fern) Amazing how well nature can take care of us!

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1 review for GET OUTSIDE DUO: Safe mosquito repellent and bug bite relief

  1. Avatar of Jennifer Greenaway-MacQuan

    Jennifer Greenaway-MacQuan (verified owner)

    Simply the best!!! This is the most effective natural bug repellent and bug bite relief I’ve ever used. I am so grateful to have both of these products this summer. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much for offering these awesome products!

    • Avatar of Queen Bee

      Queen Bee

      Thank you Jennifer! We are so happy you are using Backyard Bees products and are able to enjoy the great outdoors!

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