Poison Ivy Soap soothes the itch

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Poison ivy soap helps soothe and heal the rash caused by poison ivy. It is a staple in the Queen’s house!


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Poison Ivy Soap

Our favorite poison ivy soap has everything you need to soothe, cool, and heal poison ivy as quickly as possible. The rash can last for up to three weeks!

Washing with poison ivy soap as soon as possible after the exposure may prevent the symptoms entirely. It can also reduce severity of the symptoms.

Key ingredients in our natural poison ivy soap include manuka honey, calamine powder, oatmeal, and aloe vera juice. Each one helps to soothe and heal the skin, while reducing the itchiness.

This natural soap will not dry out the rest of your skin. It is as gentle as can bee! (It smells nice too!)

You can find the poison ivy soap as part of a money saving bundle over here, along with other summer outdoor necessities.

Poison Ivy “Leaves of Three, Let it Bee”

The Queen is VERY sensitive to poison ivy; she literally gets goosebumps in the vicinity of the plant! She knows how to identify the plant by it’s “leaves of three”…do you?

Plants are always friendly to humans! If you are sensitive to urushiol, an oily resin produced by the poison ivy plant, you know it is not fun!

Contact with urishiol from poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac can cause redness, itching, and swelling on the skin where you came in contact with the resin. It can also spread to different parts of your body.

Get Outside

Even though poison ivy can be unpleasant, we still want you to get outside and enjoy nature. Dress right, stay out of overgrown woody areas and bee clean with Backyard Bees!

Summer campers should definitely need this with them (along with our sisal soap in a bag, solid shampoo bar, and sun relief lotion with aloe. 

Mosquitos can also bee a little barrier to enjoying nature. We’ve got an natural solution to that too – check out our Bee Outside set that includes a natural mosquito repellent and lavender bug bite relief stick.

How to Use Poison Ivy Soap

After exposure to poison ivy, wash your whole body with the poison ivy soap. Pay extra attention to fingernails, wrists and ankles. Don’t wait for the symptoms to appear.

After your initial whole body washdown, if you develop symptoms, you can opt to use the soap on the affected areas or continue to use on your whole body. It is 100% safe.

The soap will stop the itch, and dry up the urishiol, preventing further spread of the rash.

Poison ivy can last for up to three weeks. You do not have to use the soap for the entire 3 weeks. Just use as needed to provide relief.


organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, organic sunflower oil, olive oil, sweet fern tea, sodium hydroxide, aloe vera juice, sodium lactate, manuka honey, calamine powder, oatmeal, essential oils, silk fibers

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2 reviews for Poison Ivy Soap soothes the itch

  1. Avatar of Emily Slade

    Emily Slade

    (THIS SOAP WORKS WONDERS) I bought this soap at a local fair in my town and I was sceptical at first because I have tried other soaps to get rid of the poison ivy itchiness and nothing else has ever worked. I put it on and washed it off and my mind was BLOWN. The itch stopped immediately, it also works for bug bites as well. Thank you so much for your suggestions 🙂

    • Avatar of Queen Bee

      Queen Bee

      I’m so glad the poison ivy soap helped you too! It’s hard to bee-lieve how effective natural products can be! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Avatar of Marjory Roth

    Marjory Roth (verified owner)

    We hike and my kids are always getting into poison ivy.

    • Avatar of Queen Bee

      Queen Bee

      That poison ivy soap has save the Queen many times from the poison ivy that literally grows on the hives! TIP: when you know your kids are going to bee exposed, try to have them use the soap before they go hiking@!

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