Nose and Paw Balm for Dogs -100% soothing and safe

Nose and paw balms are a simple way to make your favorite furbaby feel great! Healing. Moisturizing. Protective. Safe!


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Your pet deserves to bee chemical free too!

Nose and Paw Balm For Dogs

Backyard Bees natural nose and paw balm heals and protects the skin on your dog’s feet. It is non-toxic and made just for dogs and designed to keep their paw pads in good shape.

Some dogs breeds are prone to dry noses, like pugs and bulldogs. Lhasa Apsos also may have dry noses. This balm is safe to apply to your dogs nose as well.

How to Use Dog Balm

It’s easy to use a dog paw and nose balm.

  1. Scrape a little bit of product out of the jar with the back of your finger and gently rub together to warm and soften it.
  2. Massage gently onto paws and/or nose of your pet.
  3. They will help you out by licking it, but don’t worry. . . it is 100% safe!

Use as needed. Beeswax based balms seal in moisture and do not need to be reapplied as often as water based lotions.

Paw balms work similar to human foot balms. Our Sleepy Time Overnight Foot Balm is made with humans in mind.

Benefits For Your Dog

Our doggie care line was started by request of dog owners in New York City. Walking on the streets of New York in the winter ice and snow is very drying, and sometimes painful for doggies.

Of course, the same runs true in other parts of the country. In the summertime, walking across hot sidewalks and parking lots or playing frisbee on hot sand can hurt!

A balm for your pet will protect them against irritation from salt and other snow-melting chemicals on sidewalks and driveways. Applying the balm before walking is most helpful.

A paw soother balm. A nose soother balm. We use the healing petals of the calendula flower to make this the best product for your furbaby.

Calendula has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and healing properties; it is safe for humans and animals. 

Tails from The Dog House

Apart from protecting or soothing the paw pads, we have heard stories from dog owners about using our Nose and Paw Balm with Calendula on their rescue dogs.

A common story thread is creating rituals with their rescue pup to make them feel safe, and many have included a little paw massage with Backyard Bees dog balm!

The sweetest story ever is the dog that literally puts her paw out for her massage!

Another sweet story trend is the way dogs can rescue people too. Several owners have added some self care to the ritual. Foot baths followed by foot massages for both owner and pet!

This gentle balm will help your baby to feel better AND be yet another way you show them you care!

Our dry doggie shampoo has also been a boon for rescue dogs that have water phobia and hate to take baths. Dry shampoo can get rid of oils that cause doggie smells.

It can be purchased alone or as a part of our boxed gift set which includes a gentle and natural shampoo bar for dogs.


Naturally made with calendula infused coconut oil; sunflower oil; Backyard Bees beeswax; Shea butter; and powdered calendula petals.

Weight2 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 2 in


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