Best Lotion Bar for Dry Skin GREEN GOLD

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This lotion bar is for you if you have extra dry skin or if you work with your hands a lot! Rub a little Green Gold across your knuckles and you’ll feel lucky indeed!



What is a lotion bar?

Lotion bars are simply solid moisturizers. They are easy to use, don’t spill, and long lasting. And, of course, they work! 

“Green gold” refers to tamanu oil, the thick green oil with healing properties that gives Green Gold its name. 

Goldenrod-infused olive oil and cocoa butter are other plant-based ingredients that make this bar very special.

Green Gold is exceptionally helpful for extra dry or raw skin. Customers love that Green Gold makes them feel good without being greasy.

Health care workers who frequently use hand sanitizers find that Green Gold is so easy to carry around with them. 

Gardeners, construction workers and artists love using these moisturizing sticks!

The distinctive earthy smell of tamanu oil is an undertone of the essential oil blend of spearmint, sweet basil, rosemary, and sage.

The lighter scent of Backyard Bees Citry Sage lotion bar is slightly more popular, but it does not have the same healing properties.

How to use Green Gold

To Use: Gently rub a little of the lotion bar on your skin. Use your fingers to massage over a larger area; a little of a beeswax based moisturizer goes a long way!

Lotion bars are solid all the time, but may become harder or softer depending on the storage temperature. Avoid storing in extreme conditions.

Ingredients: Goldenrod-infused extra virgin olive oil; cocoa butter; beeswax; tamanu oil; essential oils of spearmint, sweet basil, rosemary and sage

Weight4 oz
Dimensions4 × 2 × 2 in

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