Loofah with Manuka Honey Soap

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Sweetness encased in a natural loofah! A natural Manuka honey glycerin soap is poured over the loofah giving you a two-in-one  product that you will love!


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A loofah soap is an all in one soap and a gentle exfoliating experience.

Everyone loves simplicity. And everyone likes a good, gentle, cleanse. You asked for this one and we are delivering!

Bee-cause we are Backyard Bees, we had to make sure it was an extra special experience. The soap is poured over the loofah and then allowed to harden, giving you a two-in-one treat!

We chose a Manuka honey soap to add some extra antibacterial and moisturizing properties to the mix. 

Manuka honey is a unique honey from New Zealand and Australia. It is well studied and appears to have beneficial effects on the skin and in the treatment of acne.

Try This Loofah Soap on Your Feet!

If you have dry feet, you really have to give them a good scrub with this loofah to get that exterior dead skin off your heels and toes.

But don’t scrub too hard, or make the mistake of using the loofah on your feet every day. Too much exfoliation can actually cause calluses to grow back more quickly.

We recommend using the honey loofah on your feet no more than twice a week.

For the best foot care regimen, we  recommend using our Sleepy Time Foot Balm once or twice a week at nighttime before you got to bed. It works magic on keeping your feet soft and moisturized!

You might want to check out our  Ultimate Foot Care Set too!

How is the Soap Packaged?

As with all of our Backyard Bees offerings, this bar is made in the USA and is minimally packaged. It comes in the cute little craft brown box you see in the photo, making it a great green gift too!

This soap is made by Manuka Honey and Naturals, based in New England. It is the only soap that the Queen does not make herself. It is a lovely soap but not recommended for those with sensitive skin.

You can read more about how to take care of your feet in our blog article entitled, “Ugly Feet Syndrome”

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3 reviews for Loofah with Manuka Honey Soap

  1. Avatar of Queen Bee

    Queen Bee

    Loved the gentle scrub! The first time I used it, it was a little hard to get the lather going, but once I did – it was perfect! The Manuka honey scent is nice. It isn’t too strong. The scrub is perfect.

  2. Avatar of Linda Lavalle

    Linda Lavalle (verified owner)

    havent tried yet but looks fabulous–great combo

    • Avatar of Queen Bee

      Queen Bee

      You are going to love it! Your feet will feel so good and you will sleep better too!

  3. Avatar of Donna DeCicco

    Donna DeCicco (verified owner)

    Amazing!!!! Try this.

    • Avatar of Queen Bee

      Queen Bee

      One of the Queen’s favorites too! So glad you love it!

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