Handmade Shave Bowl for wet shaving

These shave bowls were hand made by a talented potter in Sunnyside, Queens, with attention to details! Four unique finishes.


What Makes these Handmade Shave Bowls so Special?

These hand made shave bowls are classy – and functional!
1. Each bowl has a nice lip to prevent splashing/spilling while you are lathering up.
2. A bumpy texture at the bottom of each bowl (in a pattern reminiscent of some honeycomb) helps to keep your soap from slipping and helps with the agitation necessary to create a strong lather.
3. The knob-like handle on the side of each bowl gives you a firm grip and allows you to control the bowl while you work the lather.

Made in USA

The bowls were hand made by P. Aguilera in the United States (Sunnyside, New York).

The photo features Coco Loco, a very popular vegan wet shave bar. If you’re looking for a different kind of men’s grooming product, like beard balm or a men’s scrub, check out our Made for Men Department.

Weight10 oz
Dimensions6 × 6 × 3 in

Gold/blue/brown Glossy, Gold/green/brown Glossy

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