Grow With Me! Gift set

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Cleopatra lived in the land of “milk and honey” and legend says she bathed in it too! Packaged with your choice of an artistic seed packet, Grow With Me is one sweet gift set!


Gardening, dirty hands, and soap go hand in hand. This simply beautiful gift set makes getting dirty a pleasure, and getting clean a joy!

What’s included in the “Grow With Me!” gift set?

We start with a Cleopatra Bar. Cleopatra lived in the “land of milk and honey;” her skin care regimen of milk and  honey  baths is legendary!

We used Backyard Bees honey and fresh-from-the-farm goat milk, along with finely powdered oats to create an extra gentle, unscented bar of moisturizing soap.

Each bar is hand-poured into an individual bee and honeycomb mold. Not only are they bee-u-t-full, the contours and little bumps serve as a little massage bar too!

Personalize your gift to make it your own

You get to choose one of the Queens favorite bee-garden seed packets from Hudson Valley Seed Co. Each packet includes instructions and is easy to grow.

Simple garden gifts like this are gifts that continue to give. You can grow together or from a distance.

No matter what, the little act of growing a few seeds brings people together!

The Cleopatra Bar and your seed pack get tucked inside a simple cotton drawstring bag, with a little tag that says “grow with me.”


Weight5.5 oz
Dimensions4 × 3 × 2 in
Seed Pack Selection

Anise Hyssop, Borage, Zinnias, Dandy Collarette Dahlias, Echinacea (Coneflowers), Midnight Garden (all white garden), Pollinator Petal Patch (variety of bright colors), Double Click Cosmos

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