The Mariner – our best bar soap for eczema and sensitive skin

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Got sensitive skin? The Mariner was inspired by the Queen Bee’s mother who used to say “Salt Water Cures All” – science supports her;  salt water bars work.


What is The Mariner?

The Mariner is Backyard Bees’ best soap for sensitive skin. It is made with a salt water brine base, organic coconut milk, and a simple blend of oils.

The Mariner is a very mild bar with teeny bubbles. We left it unscented to avoid any irritation. We also offer The Mariner II – a scented variation.

Both The Mariner and The Mariner II are very soothing and moisturizing to sensitive skin. 

What Does The Mariner Smell Like?

The Mariner is naturally scented. It is light and clean. The Mariner II is scented with tea tree and spearmint essential oils. Some people compare it to toothpaste!

Do YOU Have Sensitive Skin?

There are a variety of sensitive skin symptoms; there are 5 common signs of skin sensitivity. Sensitive skin is usually

  • red or blotchy
  • dry and itchy
  • prone to hives or rashes
  • rough or tough in patches
  • uncomfortable and may be sensitive to touch

When you get really sensitive skin all of a sudden, it most likely means you are having a reaction to an ingredient in a product. The cause is sometimes hard to find.

Bee smart; learn more about what causes your sensitive skin.

The Best Sensitive Skin Treatment: Natural Products

The Mariner is a natural soap by Backyard Bees. The ingredients are plant based and occur naturally in nature. Your skin is less likely to have a reaction from a natural soap than a commercial one.

There are many ingredients in commercial soaps, beauty products, and laundry detergents that can irritate the outer layer of the skin. The ingredients are not natural; they are man-made chemicals.

Choosing A Soap For Someone With Sensitive Skin

When customers are unsure or nervous about trying something new because they have sensitive skin, we suggest they start with The Mariner (unscented) and then progress.

A gentle, mild bar makes a great guest soap. The Mariner is part of our Summer Camp Essentials Bundle. Both The Mariner and Seafoam are salt bars (Seafoam has salt and seaweed in it!) and make great gifts for the summer beach house list too!

If you are gifting a bar of The Mariner to someone with sensitive skin,  you may want to peek at our eco-friendly soap lifts.

Which Variety Of The Mariner Should I Get?

The Mariner II is the same recipe as the Mariner I, but it is scented with spearmint and tea tree oils. It is differentiated in appearance by a blue swirl.

Essential oils are much safer for your skin than chemically manufactured fragrance oils used in other soap brands. 

We have many customers with eczema and skin sensitivities who choose the The Mariner II and have no problems. We actually started making the scented variation because customers with eczema requested it!

Get The Mariner Gift Set for your self or someone you know who struggles with sensitive skin.

How To Use The Mariner

The Mariner may look different, but it works like any other natural soap.  Lather up, rinse, and repeat. Keep dry in between use to extend the life of your bar.

Olive Oil Bars For Sensitive Skin

Customers also love our new Cleopatra Bar and report relief from their skin condition when using. The Cleopatra Bars made with goats milk, oats, and honey. Goats milk can be extra nourishing for those with eczema.

Olive oil soaps have a long history of being gentle and moisturizing for those with and without sensitive skin. Rosemary Olive Oil Bar is a Castille bar that is aged over 6 months; The Heirloom is also an aged olive oil bar.

Other Popular Sensitive Skin Products By Backyard Bees

Another favorite of those with extra sensitive skin is SMOOTH shave soap. SMOOTH is a plastic free shaving alternative for women, but can be used as an unscented gentle body soap.

Other products you can use for sensitive skin include Rosemary Mint Sugar Scrub, and our Green Gold Lotion Bar.

Our lip balms are all incredibly popular too; we have Lemon Bomb for those with chronic chapped lips, and some fun flavors like Spearmint Lime Hemp in our lip balm variety pack, and single mini balms as well (Lavender Chamomile and Rose Kisses)

The Mariner ingredients:

extra virgin olive oil; coconut oil; responsibly sourced palm oil; coconut milk; salt water brine; castor oil

Weight3.5 oz
Dimensions3.5 × 3 × 1 in

Mariner I (naturally scented), Mariner II (scented)

3 reviews for The Mariner – our best bar soap for eczema and sensitive skin

  1. Avatar of Michelle P.

    Michelle P. (verified owner)

    My favorite body soap. So clean and refreshing.

    • Avatar of Queen Bee

      Queen Bee

      We’re so happy you found your own personal favorite! Thank you!

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    alison m. (verified owner)

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    Michelle Pahl (verified owner)

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