Coffee Scrub with Healing Calendula Petals

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This outrageously delicious scented coffee scrub, made with healing calendula and fabulous moisturizing oils, proves that coffee grinds have a lot of uses!



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A coffee scrub for your face and body? YES! If you’ve got a coffee lover in your life, this scrub makes a great gift!

First, we have to tell you this scrub does not SMELL like coffee – it smells like almonds and orange with a hint of coffee earthiness in the background. Don’t worry. People LOVE the way it smells.

But there is more to our coffee scrub than just the smell.

Benefits of Backyard Bees Face and Body Coffee Scrub

Backyard Bees uses a combination of raw organic sugar and fine Dead Sea salt mixed in with the coffee grinds and nourishing oils to make our scrub. The texture is delightful…not too rough and not too smooth…just right!

The benefits of coffee on the skin are being studied a lot. Did you know coffee grinds are touted as having anti-aging properties?!

The texture of coffee grinds makes an excellent exfoliating coffee scrub. Removing the outer layer of dead skin can make your skin smoother and appear younger.

The coffee grinds are somewhat softened in the brewing process and after they are dry, they just soak up the oils in our coffee body scrub. While you are gently scrubbing, you are also massaging these nourishing oils into your skin.

There is some evidence that the caffeine in coffee can topically improve your circulation.

True or False: Use a Coffee Scrub for Cellulite

One of the benefits of a coffee scrub that is much discussed is whether it can help reduce cellulite. Cellulite is dimpled skin, usually in the butt and thigh area, where fatty tissue has accumulated.

While there is some science to support that a coffee scrub can help improve the appearance of that dimpled skin, there isn’t enough evidence to show that it will permanently remove cellulite.

That said, the caffeine content in our scrubs can help smooth the skin, increase skin tension, and improve the blood flow to the area. And again, these scrubs can really exfoliate problem areas.

How to Use

Always apply any kind of scrub (Rosemary Sugar Scrub; Charcoal Face Scrub for Men; Southern Sexy Body Polish) to warm wet skin.  You don’t need to use a lot of scrub, but it the little pieces of coffee, salt, and sugar can be messy if not applied inside a tub or shower.

Wet your skin, then massage the scrub over your body with gentle circular motions. You can modify the pressure of your massage to be more – or less- forceful, depending on what part of your body you are scrubbing.

Rinse off and pat dry.

How Often Can You Scrub?

We don’t recommend scrubbing or exfoliating your body any more than 2 times a week for women; 3 times a week for men.


Spent coffee grinds; organic raw sugar; Dead Sea Salt; sweet almond oil; olive oil; coconut oil; essential oils of coffee, bitter almond, and sweet orange.


As a gift, our Coffee Calendula Scrub pairs well with Zesty or Sunshine and Silk body bars. You’ll also find it paired with a long burning vegan Hazelnut Coffee Candle in our Coffee Lovers Gift Set.

Gardening Tips:

Did you know you can use coffee grinds in your garden too? At Backyard Bees, we just add them into our compost pile. We occasionally add them to the soil right around our azalea bush.

We read about a research study that showed coffee grinds in the garden can deter weeds! The same article said they might help with water retention. Absolutely amazing!

There are some cautions to using the coffee grinds in the right way, so read up!


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