Charcoal Soap: Black Lavender

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Backyard Bees activated charcoal soap with tea tree oil works to control acne, reduce pore size, and detox your skin.



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Is Charcoal Soap Good For Your Skin?

It sure is. Charcoal is fantastic for a deep clean after a long hot day…or for daily use when your skin tends towards the oily side.

Charcoal Soap for Acne

Activated charcoal, the key ingredient in our Black Lavender Bars,  is helpful to detox and draw impurities out of your skin.  Our Black Lavender Bars are loved by customers for reducing both the size of pores and blackheads and to controlling acne.

Our Backyard Bees Black Lavender bar is scented with lavender and tea tree essential oils, but the charcoal absorbs a lot of the scent. Some people do not detect the lavender at all.

To Use Black Lavender Soap

The Queen recommends an evening cleanse, followed by your favorite moisturizer. A simple drop or two of jojoba or argan oil is our favorite.

Lather, rinse and repeat. Keep dry in between uses and out of the direct path of water for the longest use. We recommend pairing with a Soap Lift.

Charcoal bars may be drying if overused; start use slowly (twice a week) and only use as needed.

Backyard Bees Black Charcoal Face Scrub can provide an alternative for keeping pores open, without over drying the skin. In addition to activated charcoal, it has tea tree oil and Vitamin E.


Distilled Water, Hemp Oil, Babassu Oil; Coconut Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Activated Charcoal, Lavender Essential Oil, Tea Tree Oil

Weight3.7 oz
Dimensions3.5 × 3 × 1 in
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6 reviews for Charcoal Soap: Black Lavender

  1. Avatar of Anonymous

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  2. Avatar of Linda Lavalle

    Linda Lavalle (verified owner)

    Backyard Bees makes the best soap i have ever used I am an herbalist and I hold soap to highest standard this scent is amazing

    • Avatar of Queen Bee

      Queen Bee (verified owner)

      We are so appreciative of your support! thank you!

  3. Avatar of Donna DeCicco

    Donna DeCicco (verified owner)

    I can’t explain it. It just feels great.

    • Avatar of Queen Bee

      Queen Bee (verified owner)


  4. Avatar of alison m.

    alison m. (verified owner)

    I’m in love with this soap!

  5. Avatar of Michelle Pahl

    Michelle Pahl (verified owner)

  6. Avatar of John


    Love the way this smells, but love I feel after I use it even more.

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