Ceramic Soap Dish by Sunrise Pottery – 4 gorgeous colors

Rustic ceramic soap dishes – functional and oh, so bee-u-t-full! Handmade in Long Island, New York, USA by Sunrise Pottery.


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Appreciate the good things in life?  A hand made ceramic soap dish by Tamara at Sunrise Pottery is a work of art that will bring you joy!

Indigo Rain, Cenote Blue or Winter Wood Cream are all available in warm earth colors with a matte finish.

Celadon Bloom – cool and crisp – is available in a glossy finish.

The soap dishes are hand made and one of a kind. Each one will have it’s own unique variations.

You can also find these gorgeous dishes as part of green gifts, boxed up and ready to gift.

Ceramic Soap Dishes: The Process

These gorgeous soap dishes are roughly 4”x4” and 1” high.

They are made with stoneware clay and fired at Cone 6 which helps to create the gorgeous colors you see, which are only more bee-u-t-full in person.

The glazes used are lead-free in a matter finish. They are food safe (just in case you wanted to bee creative in the use of this one-of-a-kind creation).

Each soap dish is created by hand. The clay is rolled out in a slab on a table and not made on the pottery wheel. Again, each one is quite unique.

The soap dishes are fired 2 times each and the last fire is a glaze fire which is at 2232 degrees!

In total, each piece take 4-6 weeks from beginning to end.

Truly a work of love and beauty! We are so proud to partner with Sunrise Pottery. check out our Green Gift Section for boxed sets that include one of these soap dishes.

Weight5 oz
Dimensions4.5 × 4.5 × 2 in
Dish Color

Cenote Blue, Winter Wood, Celadon Bloom, Indigo Rain


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