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The best things in life have the word “butter” in them!  Pick one of our natural body butters for a rich and decadent experience for your skin!


Backyard Bees body butter is a thick and nourishing body moisturizer. It is very effective but is different than a water based lotion.

About Our Body Butter

Our Backyard Bees Body Butters are natural moisturizers. They have no water and a high concentration of plant oils.; they have no chemical preservatives.

Both of our body butter variations are plant based with a luscious mix of oils, real Vitamin E and scented with essential oils for a fresh and natural scent.

We use organic shea butter and coconut oil, along with mango butter, jojoba oil, rose hip seed oil and natural Vitamin E (also called tocopherol).

Lotion, lotion bars, or  body butter?

A lotion is a water based product that requires the addition of chemical preservatives to prolong the shelf life. Backyard Bees does not make a water-based lotion at this time.

We do make solid lotion bars in a stick format; they are also called massage bars. Lotion bars do not leave your skin feeling greasy and work really well at protecting your skin from the elements.

The texture of body butter is closer to a traditional lotion but because there is no water in it, it is very thick.

Customers love using body butter at nighttime to give it time to soak into the skin. They also love the texture and scent; both varieties smell so fresh!

Two options for body butter bee-liciousness!

SUPERHERO: naturally made with with shea butter, coconut oil, mango butter, jojoba oil, vitamin E (tocopherol), essential oils of rosemary, spruce, fir needle, lavender and peppermint.

LADIES NIGHT OUT: naturally made with shea butter, coconut oil; rose hip seed oil; kokum butter; vitamin E (tocopherol); essential oils of orange, lavender, litsea cubea, and anise

How to Use Backyard Bees Body Butter

Our body butters are made from powerful plant oils. A little goes a long way.

Apply a little body body (dime-sized dab) to your skin and massage across the surface in circular motions. The heat of your body will help it absorb.

Many customers enjoy applying body after a shower or before bedtime.

The most important thing to remember about body butter is to apply sparingly!

Other Ways of Naturally Moisturizing Your Skin

Sometimes you need a gentle exfoliator to remove some outer, dry skin before applying a body butter. Our favorite is Southern Sexy, or, for super sensitive skin, we recommend our Oatmeal Herb Honey Mask. 

We love our Sisal Soap Saver Bags that come prefilled with assorted soap shreds…it’s like a plastic free body wash. Backyard Bees soaps are rich in naturally produced glycerin which helps to seal in moisture.


Weight8 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 3 in
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Super Hero, Ladies Night Out

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2 reviews for BODY BUTTER 2 bee-licious scent options

  1. Avatar of Khairul

    Khairul (verified owner)

    so excited can’t wait to try

    • Avatar of Queen Bee

      Queen Bee

      Thank you so much for sharing your excitement!

    • Avatar of Queen Bee

      Queen Bee

      Ladies Night – stay in or out, you’re gonna love it! THANK YOU!

  2. Avatar of Lana Cheng

    Lana Cheng

    Super Hero indeed! I bought this at the Sunnyside fair and it’s the best thing for my dry skin. The smell is divine too. Please make some more! 🙂

    • Avatar of Queen Bee

      Queen Bee

      Thank you so much Lana! We love the word “divine” but we really love hearing that Backyard Bees Super Hero body butter helps your dry skin! Bee Well!

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