Ultimate Home Foot Care Set

Seasonal temperature changes are hard on our feet! This Backyard Bees home foot care set helps you get your feet in summer shape…all year round!


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Home foot care is so easy to do, but somehow no-one wants to talk about how to take care of their feet!

Why Do You Need This Foot Care Trio?

Most people tend to neglect their feet. But our feet are really hard working! They need some Backyard Bees sweetness too!

Since dry feet is one of the the most common problems, many people think that moisturizing their feet will do the trick.  A lotion may seem to help, but lots of time it’s just wasted effort.

Depending on how dry your feet are (and winter feet can get really dry!), it’s always best to give your feet a good exfoliating scrub before you apply lotion.

We have found that using a loofah/soap combination is the trick to getting calluses and other dry spots to soften up. Our Honey Loofah Bar (included in the set) is just the thing…and it lasts a long time!

Other people insist on a rough towel dry after a shower. Either way you need to get the dead skin off your feet. And, btw, drying your feet thoroughly is very important to good foot care.

A warm foot bath is with Epsom salts is a step that many people neglect. Our Pink Grapefruit Foot Soak smells divine and our special list of ingredients will make you dream of your next foot bath.

Did you notice we worked our way backward? Bee-cause most people really start with moisturizing their feet. But it’s really the last step.

After soaking and scrubbing or exfoliating your feet, you are ready to seal and protect the skin on your feet. That’s where our Sleepy Time Overnight Foot Balm comes in.

Your feet will love you for taking the time for supporting them!

What’s in the Home Foot Care Set?

Each home foot care set includes three items, 1 each of:

The set includes delightfully scented foot soak, a loofah soaked in a natural honey soap to remove odors and dead skin; and an overnight lavender-peppermint foot balm to keep your feet soft and happy!

The entire set is plastic free and chemical free.

You can read more about how to take care of your feet in our blog article entitled, “Ugly Feet Syndrome”


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