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Backyard Bees starts with the bees but ends with you. 

As a green business, we use sustainable packaging and limit our carbon footprint. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose. That’s what we do.

We are inspired by nature.  Green for the grass and the trees  (and really,  for everything we do). Blue for the sky. Yellow for the sun, the flowers, and of course, the bees! 

about our green website

We do our best to bee as green as we can bee, including choosing a responsible website host that uses renewable energy and reduces cyber impact on the environment.


Our story bee-gan over 13 years ago. We started with one hive and now are keepers of twelve hives in three different locations. 

about the bees in the hive

Backyard Bees. Literally.

Bees. In our backyard.

Backyard Bees was started in Sunnyside Gardens, in Queens New York, by a passionate beekeeper and organic gardener. A lover of all things green, the Queen Bee has a masters degree in nutrition and a background in science. Since becoming the mother of twin boys, this Queen Bee has been super busy – but nothing makes her happier than sharing her passion for all things green and natural.

Our business took off with our when we began a subscription service for the Sunnyside CSA, we are forever grateful for their support! From there we added farmers markets and from there special events. We are still in our backyard, but we are constantly evolving. You are currently reading the 2022 update of our online shop, which has been in existence for over 5 years! 

Are we bee-proud? We sure are!

Backyard Bees Green Business Fun Facts 2023

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Let's Bee Creative

Bees work together in a hive for a common purpose. Here at Backyard Bees, there are lots of ways to work together to bee good to yourself and the environment!

Green Business in Action: Right from Our Backyard

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fresh cucumbers
Backyard Bees cucumber aloe mint soap on green soap lift

Colored by nature. Inspired by nature. The Queen Bee LOVES using fresh and clean ingredients. We grow what we can and supplement with our farmers market friends. We keep it simple with small batch, local ingredients, and lots of love. Seriously. We love what we do.

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